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DENMARK – In a scene which could be taken straight from a Disney film, two adorable animals have struck up the most unlikely of friendships.

A red squirrel whose name is Tin-Tin and a 13-year-old cat named tiger have become inseparable after the little squirrel was rescued as a baby.

Decan Andersen, who is 38 and from Denmark, adopted the cute little rodent when the then one-month-old squirrel fell out of a tree four stories high and into his back garden.

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Upon seeing Tin-Tin’s injuries – a very deep and nasty chest wound sustained by hitting a branch on the way down, Decan initially decided to leave the squirrel alone, hoping its mother would then come to the rescue.

However, after coming down from the tree and carefully inspecting Tin-Tin, she swiftly left the youngster again, seemingly deciding he was beyond rescue.

So Decan went ahead and nursed and cared for Tin-Tin ever since, adopting the little creature and bringing him indoors as a pet alongside Tiger, and Tiger’s now dead sister Coco.

‘As soon as I brought Tin-Tin home Coco was cuddling and cleaning him while Tiger had gone out,’ he stated.

‘After Tiger came home he understood his sister had claimed Tin-Tin and wanted nothing to do with him so stayed well clear.

‘Then, about a year later Coco died which devastated Tiger, he went out searching for her day and night, so much so that we had a complaint because of his constant calling.

‘Eventually he came to terms that she wasn’t going to come home and Tiger and Tin-Tin began to bond on a level I never thought possible.’

Decan then went on to describe how the pair’s relationship has blossomed in the years since, detailing what the partners in crime get up to together and how Tiger fiercely protects his now best friend.

‘They love exercising outside together and their favorite thing to do is taking walks and climbing trees,’ he stated.

‘Tiger is like a step father or big brother to TinTin, but he’s also definitely the boss.

‘They always greet each other with nose bumps and Tiger always accompanies us when we are out walking, never leaving Tin-Tin’s side.

‘I’ve lost count of the amount of times Tiger has spotted and chased off hawks, cats and even large dogs! No matter the size of the dog, Tiger will stand his ground to protect his friend.’

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