This Talking Cat Is All of Us Every Morning!

Kitties can certainly be very vocal when they are dissatisfied with something. The thing that the talking cat in the video clip below doesn’t want to do is get out of bed. He wants his human to stop disturbing him and let him sleep in.

Burnsy quite obviously knows how to get anything he wants. He knows that we humans solve everything, or pretty much everything, with a conversation. This is precisely what he does when he wants to sleep just a little bit more. Another thing that he does in the video is just being super adorable, while stretching and turning in bed. Of course, Burnsy’s human can’t resist his adorableness and lets him nap some more. After all, kitties really need their sleep so they can have the energy to roam all around the house later.

A fun fact about Burnsy is that he was adopted from the Calgary Humane society actually loves to watch his own video and cuddle with the monitor.

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