Sorry Haters! Scientists Have Found That Cats Are Actually Friendly!

For all of those moronic people who believe that cats are not friendly nor nice we have some surprising news.

A brand new scientific study from Oregon State University, published on Friday in Behavioral Processes shows that contrary to popular belief cats are in fact nice.

They went ahead and conducted their research with 50 cats. Some of the cats in the study were already adopted and lived in happy families while others we re from a shelter. However, besides that very little difference all of them reacted the same.

The cats were not put not around food, humans nor toys for a couple of hours. When they were presented with the four stimuli food, human socialization, scent and toys, just about 50% of them chose human socialization over everything else.

This research basically demonstrates to all of us that cats would choose us over food and we all know how much they love to munch on things.

Was a study even needed for this?

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