Man Has A Chorus Of Cats Singing At His Door Each And Every Day

A farmer by the name of Corey Karmann has a pack of twelve kitties in his farm. This gang truly does a great job keeping the rats at bay.

Corey takes excellent care of all of these cats and every evening when he returns from work the cats are on the porch waiting ‘patiently’ for their evening meal and that’s when the chorus starts!

One day, Corey decided to film the hungry cats, and later the video captured a lot of attention from the Internet.

“These are my farm cats, not stray in any way. They live a happy life outside keeping mice out of my house and barns. Yes, they were fed more than that, I just didn’t see any reason to tape their entire meal. I decided to record this because I thought this little ritual was funny and might bring a smile to a few people faces”, stated Corey.

Watch the inspiring video just below!

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