Dying Cat Was Abandoned At A Shelter, But A Surgery Saved His Life!

Lobstah the cat, sadly, was born with a deformed paw that resembles a lobster claw, a crooked tail, and no sternum. He was left completely abandoned because of all of his health problems.

John and Leda Bigelow stumbled upon Lobstah at the window of a local rescue shelter when they decided to adopt him. What he actually needed was a life-saving surgery and was still in recovery when the couple took him home.

Now doing great in his forever home, he enjoys life in his new forever home. He has does have a deformed paw, however, it doesn’t stop him being a normal active cat! He loves snuggling in bed, playing with toys, and most of all, receiving so much love and care from his adoring new humans.

Lobstah actually become ainternet celebrity, he has over 16k followers.

Be sure to follow all of his future adventures on his Instagram page.

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