Cat Survives 45 Minute Washing Machine Cycle

AUSTRALIA – For 18 years he’s been the cat who got the cream, however, yesterday Manace the moggy became the cat who got the clean.

The feckless feline was accidentally left in a spin after sneaking into a front loader washing machine and going through a 45-minute cold water cycle.

Owner Jacqui Wood of Currumbin Valley explained that she had initially checked the empty washing machine before popping a load of towels in.

“I didn’t have any powder and went to get some from the pantry,” she stated, going on to add that she then placed the powder in and closed the door without rechecking the load.

“It was a brain-fart I suppose … I always check the dryer and washing machine before I put something in. He didn’t make a sound.”

A whole forty-five minutes later, Ms Wood returned to find Manace unconscious on top of the towels.

“I pulled him out and put the hair dryer on him because he was cold,” she stated.

“When I put it on him, he opened his eyes so I knew he was alive. I threw him in the car and rushed him to the vet.

“He gave me a hell of a fright.”

The tough kitty also gave a true fright to veterinary staff, who battled for four hours to save him.

Tallebudgera Veterinary Clinic practice manager Sue Evans staed that Manace was a “miracle kitty.”

“He was in severe shock and hypothermic,” she stated.

“They had to treat him as urgent and give an immediate medical response.

“It was difficult to get a vein even, he had no blood pressure.

“Everybody was in tears when he came in. It was touch and go for a while, but he came out fighting.”

Ms Evans went on to say that the practice tended to see odd things happen over and over again, but had never come across a cat surviving a full cycle in a washing machine.

She explained that while the incident was traumatic for everyone involved, Manace was now “the cleanest kitty in town.”

Ms Evans claims the incident served as a reminder to cat owners to always check washing machines and dryers before setting a cycle.

Cat Survives 45 Minute Washing Machine Cycle

Ms Wood said she was indebted to the veterinary team who luckily managed to save her pet.

She said Manace was at the clinic from 11am in the morning until 7pm at night when they finally allowed him to go home.

“They checked his lungs were still okay,” she said, adding he also received a pain patch.

“He has a lot of muscle damage. How he didn’t have any broken bones I don’t know.

“Towels aren’t light when they’re wet and he would have been smashed around.

“He’s a possum fighter and rat killer, a farm cat you see.”

Manace is currently recovering and will head back to the vet on Friday for another check-up.


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