Cat Returns Home After Wandering The Streets But Then Owner Spots A Strange Note on Her Collar

We’d be absolute fools to think that our fur babies are entirely loyal; they look at you like butter wouldn’t melt, but we all know the story of Six Dinner Sid…

Nala is a cat of the neighborhood who is allowed to go outside and explore. Given the safe area she patrols daily and the local community, her owners rarely worried about what she got up to but their curiosity was piqued when she returned home with a note attached to her collar.

Pulling the note out, she noticed “PLEASE READ” written on the paper placed carefully under Nala’s collar.

Fearing the very worst, such as “your cat has killed my bird”, upset a neighbor or something similar, her owner read on gingerly.

The note went on to say “Your cat visits us 2-3 times a day. We would love to know her name and where she lives in case of emergency” and was signed off with the sender’s address.

Nala’s owner let out a sign of relief, not only has her cat been behaving itself, it had also made some friends around the neighborhood.

Comforted by the knowledge that others were lovingly looking out for Nala, her owner simply replied to the note! He went on that whilst she is micro-chipped,

It is nice to know she is loved by both friends and strangers alike.


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