5 Reasons Why Cats Are Really Good For Your Health

The benefits of having a pet are always being discovered and proved. An easy source of emotional and psychological comfort, our 4-legged friends are there for us when life gets tough, reassuring us as they cuddle up by our sides.

Although many believe that cats don’t care about us, nothing could be further from the truth. But just how do cats keep us healthy?

Find out just below!

1. Peaceful purrs

Source: PetMD

Cats’ purrs truly have a very calming effect on humans. Not only do they often help people feel less emotionally upset, they can also have direct positive effects on our health. A study has determined that the frequency cats’ purrs are (between 25 and 50 hertz) improves bone density and soothes pain. It’s also very helpful for those who suffer from anxiety as something to focus on, having a similar effect to ambient noise such as rain and wave sounds.

2. Contact

Source: PetMD

Humans are social beings who, in general, absolutely need physical contact of some sort to feel mentally healthy. However, some people may not be so keen on social contact, or find it difficult to build relationships with others. Cats are a truly excellent solution to loneliness, as well as being less difficult to keep than animals such as dogs.

3. Learning how to control your emotions

Source: Mashable

Cats are quite sensitive to noise, with shouts from their nearest and dearest being particularly frightening. Even if it’s not their fault at all, you can’t explain to a cat why you are upset or angry; they just see and hear something large, loud and in their territory. Therefore, people who have cats learn to control their emotions and be considerate of others.

4. Stress reduction

Source: PetMD

Passing time with others, including animals, actually causes our brains to release oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel happy. Petting cats always makes us feel peaceful and content, which obviously makes us feel less stress and anxiety.

5. Lower risk of heart problems

Source: PetMD

Surprisingly enough, having a cat can actually lower the risk of someone having a heart attack! An American study showed a link between cat ownership and lower rates of cardiac arrest and even strokes.

So cats are clearly perfect companions indeed who, aside from giving us heaps of love and affection, can also pass on fur-bulous health benefits!


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