10+ Cats Who Hoard Random Things And Don’t Even Realize

Cats can indeed be twice as neurotic as we are. The photos below are of cats that are actually ‘hoarders’.

Not even scientists can’t seem to come to the conclusion of why cats collect random things like bottle caps, lipsticks, or toys. Some of them believe that cats think that these things are like their preys, while some believe that they consider these things to be like their kittens and gather them in the same way they would gather their kittens!

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#1 Sadie hoarded all my chapsticks under the cupboard

#2 My cat steals away my dog’s toys and keeps them around her food bowl

#3 My kitty has been collecting balled papers and receipts behind my bed. I finally found her stash today

#4 Well, this why we never see any of my cat’s toys anymore. She keeps all her toys under the couch. Mystery solved!

#5 My cat loves me a lot but loves my socks even more. Found her stash today!

#6 My cat has a huge collection of bottle caps stored behind the sofas

#7 Found my cat’s secret storage place behind the sofa

#8 Pens, lipsticks, nail paints, I found all of my missing things in my cat’s stash

#9 My cat collects rings off the milk jugs and keeps them safe under the couch. I found all this while cleaning

#10 I moved my couch today to vacuum and found my cat’s stash

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